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This forum is an additionally service to the user manual of the bluetronix software and is addressed to both the newbies and the experts. All topics of general interest will often be answered immediately in the forum.
The utilisation of the bluetronix forum is for free. It is no allowed to provide this service without permission to third parties.


Terms of use

  • Before answering new questions and starting new threads you may search in the tutorials for topics with similar or related content.
  • Treat other users with courtesy and respect. Treat others the way you expect to be treated.
  • Do not publish personal details of other users like addresses, phone numbers, names or images.
  • Do not offend others and and do not write content that promotes violence, racism, pornography or other content against law.
  • Do not advertise in the forum through text, images or setting links.
  • Respect copyrights and intellectual property of copy and images. Do not publish images without having the permission.
  • You may use a pseudonym to write a post. If you decide to do so it is advised for your own interest to use always the same pseudonym.

General advice

  • Describe your problem as accurately as possible.
  • Provide details like  operating system, browser, browser version, software version etc.
  • Please choose a spot-on topic. Descriptions like „Need help“ or „I‘ve got a problem“ do not give any relevant information and will be answered less frequently.
  • If you have solved a problem by yourself it is helpful to add your solution for the interest of other users.

Legal aspects

The bluetronix team reserves the right to delete postings that infringe the rules. Bluetronix is not liable neither for the content of postings nor for the given advice. Especially bluetronix is not liable for any losses of content while following the advice of a user or a posting.
Any fraudulent use will be prosecuted. To prevent malpractice your IP address during the session will be recorded.