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Created on 2009-02-10 03:14:53


Hi, I need to generate a shop website in English, Spanish and French. What will I have to do? Can anyone give a hint? Scott
Created on 2009-02-10 05:37:16


Hi Scott,
Creating a website in multiple languages is pretty simple. Loading a page means loading a layout as well - this is by default the layout \"Standard\". The layout contains information about all layout areas like main window, left window (e.g. navigation), top window etc.

For a website in 3 language you need two more layouts. Use the standard layout for the English website and create two new layouts for Spanish and French as follows:

1. Create folder and pages
First open the File manager (\"Pages\") and create a new folder (e.g. \"SPAN\" ). Open this folder and create 3 pages (main_span.html, left_span.html, top_span.html). It might be helpful to insert some content to recognise these pages when they are loaded because they are empty when created.

2. Edit Layout
Highlight the layout named \"Standard\" and overwrite \"SPAN\". Click onto the \"Start page\" symbol on the right side. For each part of the new layout a start page has to be defined:
Main window -> main_span.html
Left window -> left_span.html
Top window -> top_span.html
Finally save this layout.

3. Assign this layout to the pages
Open page main_span.html in the Editor, click on \"Settings\", select Layout \"SPAN\" and click \"Apply\". Then \"Save\" your page with this new setting. !!!This has to be done with each page to be loaded in your Spanish website!!!

4. Link your English website with your Spanish website
Go to your English site and insert text or flag. Highlight this and click \"Insert link\". Now go to the \"SPAN\" folder and select main_span.html, confirm by clicking \"Apply\". Then click on \"Insert\". Finally \"Save\" your page in the Editor.
Follow the same procedure the other way round to set a link from your Spanish website back to your English website.

Kind regards
Your bluetronix team



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