domain management

Register domain

In the editing mode of your homepage under Contract -> Domain Management you can order additional domains for your web package. To create a new domain, enter the name of the domain in the "Order domain" field, select the domain ending from the selection and click on Order . The domain will be registered automatically and will be available to you after around 6-48 hours, depending on the domain ending.

Domain provider change

To do this, first proceed as described under "Domain registration". After the message "The domain was created successfully" appears in the domain administration next to the domain "Start provider change". If you are the legal owner of the domain, click Start provider change . If you are not the owner of the domain, you can delete the domain by clicking on Delete domain remove again.

Print out the provider change letter and send it completed and signed to your previous provider and also to us (the fax number as specified). Once the previous provider has approved, the domain status automatically changes to green.

Domain status display

* Red - should automatically change to yellow or green after about 2 minutes. Otherwise it means that the domain could not be set up on the server. This occurs, for example, when you have a second web package on the server and you want to move the domain from one package to another. To do this, always first delete the domain in the old package and only then add it to the new package.

Yellow - the domain is successfully set up on the server, but is not currently pointing to the server. Causes can be a provider change to which no approval has yet been given. Please ask your previous provider whether the provider change has been received or why the consent was denied.

If you set up the domain on a name server yourself, please enter the IP of the server in the domain administration of the name server. To find out the IP of the server, enter in Windows under Start -> Run -> ping a. Under "Response from" you will find the IP of the server.

* Green - the domain is set up successfully and is pointing to the server.

What is a main domain

If you have set up more than one domain in your web package, requests will always be redirected to the main domain. Only one domain can be set up as the main domain for the web package. There can be various reasons for using several domains in one web package, for example to prevent typos from visitors or to use different domain endings. For example, the visitor gets to your homepage by entering "" as well as by "" or "".

Change main domain

In the editing mode of your homepage under Contract -> Domain Management you will find the button next to all domains with status green in the column "main domain". Set as the main domain . After selecting the main domain, log out of edit mode, switch to the main domain and log in again with Edit.

Important note: You should only change the main domain at the beginning of the homepage project, for example after a change of provider. In a project that has existed for several months or even years, it is strongly discouraged to change the main domain without a compelling reason. The main domain is authoritative for all pages of your homepage that are already listed in the search engine. The level of awareness as well as all links from other homepages are lost when you change. Homepage software chapter selection