Email Setup Mac

Get email address information

If you have not yet set up an email address, first carry out the step » Create email address the end.

The email data (POP3, IMAP, SMTP) can be found in the edit mode of your homepage under E-mail Email address management .

Click next to the desired email address access data .

All data must be entered exactly as specified in your access data. A distinction is made between upper and lower case!

Set up Mac

Start Mac Mail.


click on Mail add account .


click on Other mail account .


Fill in the "Name", "Email address" and "Password" fields with the data from your access data 13
click on register


Fill in the fields "Email address", "Username", "Password", "Incoming server mail" and "Outgoing server mail" with the data from your access data 1345
Check all fields marked red in the picture. All settings must be set exactly as in the following image.
click on register

The login attempt often takes a long time because Mac Mail is usually looking for the wrong port.
Hence the 5 minute wait and then on further click.


click on Finished


Correct ports

click on Mail settings .


Select the bluetronix account and click advanced .
Disable the "Automatically detect account settings..." option
Enter 993 in the "Port" field.


Close the window and click To back up .


Assign IMAP folders

Click on the folder send then up Post office box Use this mailbox as Posted


Click on the folder junk then up Post office box Use this mailbox as advertising


Click on the folder trash then up Post office box Use this mailbox as waste paper bin


Similarly, the Archive and Drafts folders!

Setup is complete!

Test the settings and send an e-mail to your own e-mail address, check the e-mail inbox.


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