Homepage search – full text search

The search searches all publicly accessible pages for the search term entered. You can also enter several terms separated by spaces. The number of search results per page and the layout can be changed. In the search result, each page found is displayed with a title, a link to the page and a text excerpt with the search term highlighted.

Click on the image to test the homepage search live

A login is required for protected pages and directories in order to search them.

The search can also be limited to specific directories and their pages and subdirectories. By using the search multiple times on different pages with the restriction to directories, searches for different categories can be realized.

The modules Shop , Forum already contain preconfigured searches that are limited to the respective module.

Installation of the CMS module discussion forum

In the home page edit mode, click   Modules -> Discussion Forum . If you only want to restrict the search to a specific directory (including all subdirectories), select on directory and click Search-Create . The module creates the TextSearch.html page (input mask) and the Search.html page (output of the search results).

The search is now over http://www.bluetronix-demo.de reachable.

The search mask can also be copied from the TextSearch.html page to other pages, for example to the upper window. To do this, edit the TextSearch.html page, highlight the mask as shown in the image below and click Copy .

Now edit the page for the top window (for example top.html) and paste the search where you want it.

Easily change the search pages - layout adjustments

With the bluetronix software, the so-called database mask of the search pages can be edited and adjusted. To edit the page, click on this To edit Symbol.

Search results page in the editor

Individual adjustments to the layout, colors and background images are possible in the editor. For more information on editing a page in the editor, see the chapter The homepage editor . For instructions on changing the layout (colors and images) globally, see Edit layout .

through the multiple installation of the module, text searches can be implemented, for example, for different directories or in different languages.

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