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Inform your visitors regularly about news on your website. The News module facilitates this and presents the information in a uniform and chronologically ordered form. The regular changes on your website will also be appreciated by search engines and you will get a better ranking.

The news page module consists of a news list, which is sorted by the entry date of the news, as well as a detailed news entry for each. If there are more news items than specified entries per page, the older news items are automatically moved to the 2nd, 3rd, ... page. This means that visitors can also read older news in the archive at any time. The layout, the number of news items per page and the image sizes etc. can be freely changed. The image sizes are calculated automatically. The time-consuming cropping of the images can thus be omitted.

Click on the picture to test the news page live

News entries can also be imported and exported via the database using CSV or text format. A table view and a line view are available for editing and publishing new entries. In the table view, the data can also be imported and exported to Excel via the clipboard.

In order to want to change a news item in a targeted manner, the so-called       database buttons available. Thus, a news item can be posted, edited or deleted directly from the edit mode of the homepage.

The detailed description of the news can be done in HTML. To do this, you can simply switch from the data record view to filling out the detailed description in the editor. The news can be described comprehensively and precisely. For example, with additional images, links to the manufacturer, links to the operating instructions, download PDFs or cross-links to similar items.

Installation of the CMS module news page

In the home page edit mode, click   Modules -> News Page . To start the installation, select Create news . The module creates the database and creates the files for the news page in the "News" directory.

The news page is now over reachable. To connect the news page to a menu item, click on   Edit menu and create a new menu item called "News Page". Click now   create link and select in the directory /news/ the file News.html . Save the menu and test the page.

Easy insertion or changing of records in the news page

Adding or changing the news entries can be done easily using the so-called database buttons     respectively. in the editing mode these buttons are displayed for each news entry (data record). With one click   Edit record the data record opens in the Database Editor .

Database record view using the example of the shop system

Images and descriptions can now easily be added or changed. The news entries are automatically sorted in descending order according to the entry date. Thus, the most recent entry is always in the 1st position.

News page with individual layout

With the bluetronix software, the so-called database masks the news page can be edited. To edit the mask, click   edit page .

Editing the database mask in the editor using the example of the news page

Individual adjustments to the layout, changing the image size, the arrangement and the entries displayed per page are possible in the editor. For instructions on how to edit a mask in the editor, see and Edit database masks . For instructions on how to change the layout (colors and images), see Edit layout .

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