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What is Bluetronix?

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How long has the bluetronix software been available?

Our software has been around since 2000. We were pioneers in the field of CMS. Our web editor, which runs directly via the browser, was one of the first in the world. Long before today's known systems like WordPress (2003) or Joomla (since 2005) appeared. The bluetronix versions 1 & 2 were programmed completely independently by the founder and current managing director Mr. Dipl. Inf. (FH) André Oelschlägel. bluetronix has received numerous prizes and awards for the innovative software.

How long has bluetronix been around?

bluetronix has been around since 2002. In more than 15 years we have gained a lot of experience as to what changes can and cannot be expected of customers. All of this experience has been invested in the further development of the bluetronix software. This makes the software a unique system on the web. A smart system that is complex in terms of possibilities and at the same time simple in customer mode.

I already have a website and would like to use the bluetronix software, can I switch?

Yes, you can import your old website. You don't need to start over. Changing the provider for the domain is free of charge. See the user manual in the Importing an existing homepage chapter.

What happens when an annual license expires?

You will be informed shortly before it expires and you can extend the license if you wish.

Which system requirements are needed?

For the bluetronix software you need an Internet-enabled PC, Mac or Pad.

Is the software also suitable for beginners? Do I have to be able to program?

Yes, the software is suitable for beginners and easy to use. Lots of help and tutorials are available. No programming knowledge is required. See user manual chapter quick start.

What can I change?

You are completely free to change everything down to the last detail. The homepage is prefabricated but can be created from scratch according to your individual requirements. See User Guide chapter Layout.

What does ready-made homepage mean?

The delivery status of the software includes a ready-made homepage with various templates (layouts). This serves as an entry aid and can be adapted with a few changes to the layout and navigation. Only the page content is missing.

Can I start the homepage from scratch?

Yes, you can delete all files and start the web project again.

Can I create the layout myself?

Yes, you can create the layout yourself. With your own pictures, buttons, backgrounds, etc. The templates are only additional and generally not required. See User Guide chapter Layout.

What is the file format of each page?

The pages are saved in HTML format.

How do I receive an order in the shop system?

You can read the order in the internal form archive of the software. Forwarding by email is also possible. See user manual chapter shop system.

Can I use the software to optimize my homepage for search engines?

Yes, you can specify keywords, title, author, etc. for each page. You can find some tips for search engine optimization in the tutorials. See user guide chapter Page Settings.

How do I get the software, do I have to install it?

You will receive the access data and the user manual after the order in the browser. No email address is required to place an order. The software is pre-installed and ready to use.

Can I also buy the software without a web package?

No, the software requires a special configured server and cannot be run on normal web space.